Sunday, 27 July 2014

2014 - ASHPOLE SPINNEY - Silvers match (Tench included )

Previous day had seen the 'Weed-cutters club ' give the weed a good bashing as this bloody green stuff was starting to get out of control again ! A fantastic turn out by the heart and soul of the GAC saw a massive removal of the enemy but expect a few more days like that unless we stock 2000 carp    :)

The draw was taken early and the hands went in for that eager knowledge of who has got what ? My turn came and i took the peg 10 which i know well however i felt the better draw was on the opposite side when its partly shaded. 


To my left

To my right

Opposite to the small island

Todays rigs : SENSAS PPC 0.2 / 0.4 / 0.6 gr to 0.14 on Sensas Feeling line.

The Office

It was hard fishing and Tench were the species to get as the Roach and Rudd were not really having it . Perch and Tench made up the weights however the Carp were an unwelcome nuisance as many people hooked them , i did and had 6 on landing just the one but smashing 2 rigs  :(

The previous days weed clearance had given some clearer channels through the weed but the hot sunshine day seas not complicit to good fishing with the water looking very clear as the 'lumps' swam around the pool followed by speeding shoals of Roach and Rudd who were not that interested.

1st John Mammoth Baloo Kilby 14lb 0z
2nd Phil Ackerley 8lb 15oz
3rd mick campbell 8lb 13oz
4th chris bradshaw 8lb 2oz
5th terry barton 7lb 4oz
6th dean chamberlin 7lb 2oz
=7th alan bennifer 5lb 6oz
=7th rob tait 5lb 6oz
9th Richard Davenport 4lb 14oz
10th Andrew Porter 2lb 13oz

Still a great day out with the GAC piscatorials

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