Wednesday, 3 June 2020

June 3rd - GREENHILL AC - Thurlaston on the Moat - and its on Fire !!

Michael Carr and myself decided to have a 'Moat' day and with the weather changing and overcast the fish might respond ? We met at 11:15 and fished 12:15-17:15 for a full on 5 hours to see what we can catch .
The first 30 seconds on Peg 6 were bite less when i had my first fish , a carp , that smashed me up . One rig gone so another went back on and the bites did continue with a procession of Rudd and Perch and odd Roach . Many small fish at first but eventually the Larger Roach and Rudd came through . Later i had three Crucians , lost another Carp then lost a sizeable tench . Eventually i had 91 fish in total for a mostly enjoyable day .
Mick was on Peg 2 and had also locked horns with some Carp and good sized Tench that defeated him however he did master 3 Tench , 4 Crucians and a 10oz Carp with a splattering of decent Roach . The fish he lost would have doubled his weight but this is the chance you take fishing next to lily pads .


Pretty Rudd

Dogious Roachious Rutilus rutilus

The author with a fine catch

Fantastic conditioned fish

Approx weight was 12lb with those 3 lost Tench it could have ben a lot more and he dropped two dog roach !

Nut case 

Silvers soup

All in good nick

Hat trick of Crucians

 Approx weight was 16 lb

Tactic for the day was fishing a top 5 over potted ground bait mixed with dead maggot and hemp. Also fished a top 2 plus short 4 and had most of my large Roach almost at the back of the keep net .
Baits were Red maggot and double pinkie . Mick did well on the same but caught good Tench on the Worm .

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