Tuesday, 16 June 2020

2020 - A visit to Shearsby Lakes to find out more about Fishery management

June 15th and i met with the Hull family and in particular Dan at their Shearsby Lakes complex . The purpose of the visit is to gain the knowledge of successfully running a fishery as Dan has been tasked by the Greenhill AC to net our ASHPOLE complex later this year or when the weather is suitably colder . Now Shearsby is a very well run system that you can say is a commercial style venue but these days most of them are set in good surroundings and have amazing flora and fauna to compliment the scenery. Our fishery at Cosby is more natural as its been allowed to grow naturally without too much bank side management with trees and bushes so kind of keeping a more natural aspect . However our fishery has to come with a balance between us and a Shearsby water so therefore we hope to engage over the next few years with many aspects of running a fishery correctly that gives ultimately a balanced fish return for our membership.

Dan next to one of his Carp Nurseries

Another nursery recently hatched and very small - all carp

Dan and i perambulated the pathways around the Lakes - the top lake had a affordable paddle system which would fit any clubs budget.

Top Match lake

 Bottom pool a very mixed pool where fish are purposely kept to a size that is manageable to anglers styles and equipment .

Mark 'Polly' Pollard was on a visit

Later Dan and i sat down and formulated what could be possible for GAC pool at Ashpole

Very important and critical device that is important to any fishery , a oxygen meter .

Biggest stock pot rammed with baby carp

Really enjoyed the few hours i spent there as learning from a fishery that is doing it right can only compliment waters the GAC have.

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