Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2018 - Wigston AC canal for Mick Holohan Memorial match - 43 attended

The weather was dam cold and the majority of the canal was frozen over. All the sections were used including the prolific Kilby Bridge length. I drew awful on peg31 , same peg as last year and same result expected but hey , thats fishing !

I sat for 5 hours for a single wasp (Perch) , section was won with 8 wasps for 2oz ! Other sections were won with similar however Kilby produced a 22lb weight for Tommy Boyce and good back up weights in that area.

Ice ,ice Baby !

4 rigs ...... you never know ?

Back at the Manor restaurant pub and the thawing out began in earnest.

 Tommy presented with the trophy by Wigston top-bloke Adam Nurse

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