Thursday, 25 January 2018


Exner floats i am sole distributor for in the UK and i have been associated with Attila for several years and in that time i have enjoyed his floats as they have never let me or my customers down.

Their Flat floats , in particular the Blade and the Butterfly have been used in major competitions including International , World Champs and Nationals , Winter and Summer Leagues. That is the extent to which clubs and teams and top anglers i have sold to .

The floats are as small as 0.5g which are favoured on shallow canals in the UK to the larger 35gram in the Butterfly and 15gram in the Blade. Shotting of these floats is a personal choice as some use fixed shot , Olivettes or the use of globes like the 'Magic Globes' another Exner product.

Since 2011 till now i have sold 728 pieces and recently ordered stock for the year ., such is the popularity of these floats . The only reason sales got low last year was the rivers are low however match anglers in the UK use them constantly for their Perch fishing.

I sell Sensas and Cralusso flat floats also but my main sellers are the EXNER range .

............ another order going out

Used on the Guden , Denmark (with Cralussos )

x 2 Butterflys in action

The very best in weights for those 'heavier days'

Weight till you use them     :)

The boss and good friend of Exner floats , Attil Nagy
(makes a lot of the floats you buy in the shops !? )

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