Friday, 11 September 2015


Twas a nice start to the day as the sun was minimal but it was cloudy and overcast as the 10 off gathered for the JKS Cup at our Cosby water.

 I peg 10 , again ! ......too my right.

 Kitted out to rock and roll

 The Big bear to my left on peg 8 is the Kilby Fella

 Opposite on peg 23 is Brian Envis who needs no introduction , a right Likely lad !

It fished a little tough as the expected flood of Tench did not materialise

However top rod for the day was Andy with some 23lb

 Brian Enis took a 4th with some nice chub

I took 3rd with 14b and 2 good chub but contrived to place another back in the water ......dohhhhh !

 Active day but the Tench did not show for me in my hour of need.

 John Kilby took a 2nd and very close to the winner

Young Joseph did rather well with a 5th place

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