Sunday, 31 August 2014

2014 - Soar Masters No.6 and final qualifier August 31st

The final qualifier of the series has arrived and a last opportunity for some to gains that elusive section win and entry to the Final on September 21st .
The Series has been interesting as we have seen large Eels and may large Perch . The Roach and skimmers and Hybrids have only shown up in patches but it is nice to see the river full of fry like Chublettes , Gudgeon and Roach . It certainly bodes well for the future of this match length and the River Soar in general.

Car loaded ….now have i forgotten anything , me thinks a last look in the garage won't do any harm !

Got to the draw and pulled out Peg19 , first time i have taken a low numbers peg below 49 all series .

Got to my peg and my area was the flight path for the planes coming into East Midlands airport , must have been 50 in the day !

Too my Right was Mr.Jacues eventual section winner and Mark Downes , England Manager and Mr.Sensas of the UK .

To my left

What will be the killing bait today ?

I fancy the bait dropper at 13m and 6m
Also firing hemp over the 13m and see if the roach turn up ?

before the match started Mark was on the 'borrow' as he had no hemp and no bait droppers , i duly obliged . Must make a note to have a whip-round for him back at the pub as he can't have any money for a drink !    :)

Well , i made a mistake of balling 7 balls of Canal Black / leam with offerings and the peg never really got going . Had about 5 small Perch and 2 Gudgeon but still persisted in topping it up with worm either by pole cup of bait-dropper.
I really struggled to get any consistent pattern going and did better at 5 metres on the choppy where i took the remainder of my fish …..17 Perch and no Bonus !!

Our section winner Martin Jacques with just over 5 kilos and bonus Perch

 Peter 'the whizz' Jayes , did not catch for 2 hours but persisted in feeding hemp then caught on it for just over 3 kilos …..Peter has already qualified from a previous match.

2nd best weight and he has also qualified from a previous round

It is 3 weeks till the final and the river will be going into Autumn so changes could see the Roach and  Bream show more and hopefully there will be some added water !

Its been a great day and well done again to Brian and Joff for the organisation.

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