Sunday, 17 August 2014


Number 5 in the series beckons and its all to play for as there are more places up for grabs for the Grand Final . I have managed to fish all 5 so far and fortunate to qualify for the Final .
After number 4 match when Darren Bickerton scraped 3 kilos at 3metre length bleak action i decided to get my 5-set of whips ready for hopefully something similar ?

 Whips from 4.5 m in increments of 0.5m down to 2.5m. Mostly 0.14 line to Tubertini long shanks of 18/20's on 0.10 line . Flat choices were MAURIZIO SCHIEPATTI Mercury 1.0gr
Also a few 'doctored' floats out of the SENSAS stable.

Sunday morning arrived and bubble and squeak was my breakfast for the days battle 

Must have my small flask of coffee !

Bait in the Fridge ……do not forget !

Car loaded time for the Off !

I get to the draw venue and Rob Wootton enters followed by Tom Pringle - both looking to qualify.

Draw time ! and Brian Hull and Joff Woodgett studying the eventual opening of the peg number for the Man the myth the Legend , the one and only : Roger Marlow, recent medalist with the over 40's England team   :)

Todays students for a Clear water very windy and full of boats and rowers Soar match …..thats why we come back all the time , we like a challenge    :)

I drew Peg 65 ……immediate voice i heard was : ' !A flyer' …really ? Then as i exit out of the Anchor Inn establishment others were saying : ' Not good peg '  ,too many depths and snags , what ! No , please tell me its a great peg !

Too my Right !

My office for the Sunday

Todays Sunday Lunch , too much ? too little ?

3 x Top-5's using my fave floats the Maurizio Schepatti 'MARS BLU ' 1.5gr  and 2 off 'TAURUS' 2gr
All placed on SENSAS FEELING line and hooks.

Can be purchased through MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES LTD.

Scores on the doors ! ….Walked to end peg to find Mr.Perkins in confident mood plus owning up to a snake  and some large Stripeys. But here is how the photographing went with the slippery eel …...

Daren to Joff : Now if i was fishing it i would have has 15 kilos easy ! 

Leicestershire top Angler and Mr.Sensas of the county with a magnificent pair of stripeys !

Not a good day for me however it was a challenge on peg65 as the bottom was so up and down plus snaggy where ever i plumbed up . It appeared that fishing to the right at about 30 degrees was better however the wind was a swine and the weed was growing out to 8-10 metres as i could see it about 3/4 foot down from the surface . The 3/4 chuck to the far side was a safe bet and early fishing realised 2 nice Perch and a few roach but then it died and Gudgeon were the only takers . Later fishing i took a good skimmer , lost one and bumped a good fish which i think was a Bream . But losses don't count and i had a horrid day against a battering wind .
Half way through the day a Carp was feeding in the reeds and can docks , looked about 5/7lb ish . Did try for it but my strongest elastic was a 8 ! ….could have been fun hooking that.
The section was won by MARK PERKINS with his Eel of Conger proportions which also raises a question : Where are all theses eels coming from ? That has been several in the last 3 weeks on the recent matches . The normally feed at night but why have i never heard of them being caught before . I have fished the Soar since 1972 and have never heard of an eel being caught ….Also so good to catch so many little finger size chublettes / minnow / Gudgeon / mini-skimmers and Tommy Roach . The Soar will really bag up in a few years time . Reckon weights of 10 kilos could be average !?
Well done to Brian and Joff for a great days organisation.

See you on Number 6.

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