Sunday, 20 October 2013

2013 - TROSA and a practice with friends in readiness for next weekends Roach Fest

         Trosa ! Just one of the wonders of the world in fishing ! Its town receives different influxes of fish all during the season . This time of the year the fish are queuing up ready for the winter. Today the surface of the water as far as the eye can see is covered in Bleak . Occasionally the activity is broken by Pike and Zander attacking them with such a ferocity but they are not just taking Bleak but they scare the skimmer, roach, ide and Bjorkna just below them in the water and they cascade out from the surface with the crocodiles snapping.

       I arranged to meet with fellow team member , Tim Heighes and when i arrived i found 3 of the Trosa men also looking to practice . There was Hasse ,Percy and young Johan. The weather was cold and it was expected to get colder as the North wind strengthened . 

Percy in ful concentration and bagging from the off , 7 casts and 7 fish ! , think it will be a good day !

Percy with a nice sample

Straight in again on the 7m whip.

The days fishing was awesome with all five of us having over 25 kilos each . The fishing was sick really as it was a matter of getting the most fish fast and at the best distance.
Hasse was the king of the day with an estimated 30-35 kilos , Tim , Percy,Johan and myself were all estimated to have 20-28 plus kilos.
The stamp of the fish was exceptional with the Roach being of the 14oz to 1.8lb size , the Bjorkna being 12oz to 2lb size.

Young Johan  caught on a 2 metre whip under the boat !

Percy the bagging master general of the TROSA SFK with a healthy net of specimens.

Hasse needed help with the lifting of his net.

His net over floweth !

 Sorry about the fish on the boards  - but it is Sweden ! , No fish were dead after this episode

 Tim Web-designer with a great net on the 7m whip.

Enjoyed it immensley and caught better at 3.0 metre whip

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