Friday, 11 October 2013

2013 - 5 DAYS in England and managed 2 fishing days

Arrived Monday the 7th at Stanstedt airport and made my way to Leicester where in the first day i completed much of my business . Later that evening after going to my local tackle shop i sat down for a glass of Stella and a little wine with the meal . 

I was rather unfortunate to miss the draw by 5 minutes so i decided to go to my local fishing club complex , the Greenhill AC Thurlaston lake and moat and sat on peg on the Moat where i had fished previously in July.

Just behind is the Lake where several anglers were catching carp constantly

After 3 hours i decided to finish and complete further tasks . Nice net of Perch , Roach and Rudd for about 8 LB.

Leicestershires finest beer !

Only wanted a small meal but this was enough for a platoon !

The thursday gave me an opportunity to fish the Holly Farm open where 36 of the local cracks assembled for breakfast and good banter.

This is typical of English angling waters at a commercial level , they provide everything.

Great friends to meet ...... Don Slater , legend !

Further legends , Brian Envis  (Right) great friend , team mate and former member of the Leicester Likely lads. On the Left is eldest soon Gary , also former team mate and Leicester Sensas Juniors.

The Legends continued with also former Likely lad Dave Rossi on the right with top rod and well known local angler  Tom Watt. on the left.

I drew peg 15 on Gils lake , not the best of draws and not known for winning off .

Anglers who could not handle the walk were helped to their pegs and their equipment also.

My office for the day

The menu : Corn , small and big meat , red maggots and fishmeal

4 tops rigged with 0.2-0.4 gr. floats rigged with 0.15/0.13 18/16 's hook on 10-14 elastic.

The day went from reasonably mild in the morning to bitter cold by the end of the match . It started well with an F1 on the first put in but after bites were a premium and i started after the silvers for an hour which only yielded about 12 small fish. 
After 2 hours i went margins and took 3 big mirrors on big meat over small meat and in the last hour of this 6 hour match i took 8 more carp to end up 2nd place overall out of 36 in a very good field of anglers.

Great that i can still compete with the best even though my fishing time in UK is very limited.

Loved the day with so much fun , banter and great friends , missing you all ready now back in Sweden.


Freddan said...

well done mate!

Jamie said...

Nice blog, I'm now following (and still waiting for my floats!)

Dr.Phil said...

Jamie ...Jamie Rich , Drawbag ?

Please contact me on and i will get this sorted . No excuse , you should have received floats . The only people who did not are the full time commercial people as we did not wish to launch them yet as they were not good enough.
I am tryingt o fing my angler list , there are 38 anglers on the list and i thought we had covered it all . Please get in touch if you wanted non-commercialfloats.