Friday, 29 November 2019

2019 - Charnwood League No5.


Last round of the Charnwood and we managed to get back on the river , be it still coloured and on the day it rose again after the previous days rain decided to spoil the party. The Canal sections had been used quite a lot recently so we wondered how some of the sections would fish after they had received B+J ?

Just a quick note : Greg Clarke fished Sutton in the week and went out of his way to place some pallets down amongst the reed pegs . Unfortunately not all the pegs were good with so much mud however that should not distract from the effort he put in and that forms the basis of what this league is all about , helping each other , working for a greater good and putting yourself out as every little action helps. You only have to look at the work the BROWNING BENNETTS  have done on the river sections .

I drew peg 73 at Sutton , never fished it before but have fished it either side so i kind of new what the contour of the river and bottom was like . I decided to set up a 10 gram EXNER Flat float . Also a Pole Feeder with a 30 gram cage which i alternated with a Browning window feeder . Also two pole rigs of a 6 gram SENSAS Abbieville and a lighter 2gram Jean Francois 18 2.0 gram with a 2/3 olivetti and strung out shot fishing well over depth and inching through .

Feeder went out first and after 30 minutes just a roach . Next was the Pole feeder over the initial bombardment of GG/LEAM/dead maggot/caster 10 balls. I had another roach but straight after the elastic flew out and a Tench was netted . End of match had 3-14 for 2nd in section.

The man , the myth , its John Harper

In end section was Stu Timson with 2nd in section

Winner of the River was Paul Taylor of COLMIC WIGSTON with 15lb

Get out of jail Tench

MAS rod John Kilby winner of the Canal with 6-15

Back to the BARROW TOWN FC which ended up being the Lions' den and its presentation time.

Nice one Perry


Explaining to the teams how bad the MAS attendance has been after being challenged , i never want this again , never !

Individual champion Paul Greensmith of BROWNING BENNETTS

Individual runner up was Chris 'Bucko' , lead man of SOLDIERS and SAILORS .

We spoke for 30 minutes that evening when we were both at home . He rang me to apologise , i said no need pal , i am the one who should apologise . We are good , always have been , always will .

 John Kilby , Kind of the Canal

Steve Tivey

Baz in the coin

MAS Tom Boyce never fails to collect.

Joe section winner for COLMIC WIGSTON

Stu with section prize

MASSIVE congratulations to Chris Buckingham with his Captain Kev Hales and team on an outstanding display to win the league - brilliant effort .


My Report :

Firstly apology to the CHARNWOOD LEAGUE for failure to have two teams on some of the rounds. I have also apologised to many of the teams Captains / Leaders . I have taken action to sort out who is with the MAS and who wants to move on. The majority of the lads still with our team also feel let down and do not wish this to happen again thus we have taken steps . 
The Round 5 Presentations / Prizes that evening on 24th November lives with me now as i was attacked (quite rightly ) by certain members about the participation on the MAS teams during the course of the league . I hoped i left enough answers to cover the lack of enthusiasm in certain areas of my team . I also hope that they understand my awkward situation and my promise to sort this out and never allow such inactive anglers to be with the MAS again . 
I was reminded that on the very first match we fished a team short yet teams who fished the National then fished the day after . These were facts that had cemented into the other teams heads and it was an immediate black mark . I take the heat for all of this as i should have been more forthright and demanded better from anglers after they received extraordinary benevolence from MAS .

Again , i must apologise as the faults start with me .

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