Friday, 28 December 2018

2018 - 27th December WIGSTON AC waters on canalised section of the river Soar

Another day out with the Wigston AC who are a fine set of lads and evoke the same kind of fun and ethos as the Midlands Angling Supplies teams . Today we fished the canalised section of the river soar as previous week and hopefully this time will it fish better ? The water was a green colour run off from a previous week of rain , will it fish , will it be Silvers soup ?

Peg 6 was mine and the peg that came 2nd on previous match with large Bream and Perch securing the placement.

Just before the start a certain Leicester city manager, Claude Puel came jogging by and on his return i gave him the thumbs up as just yesterday they had beaten Man City .


Three rigs assembled for the day :

TOP : Maurizio Schiepatti 0.5 gr MARS BLEU 1.2/0.8 , SENSAS 3405 20 hook
MIDDLE : MAS - CL (Clive Lloyd) Maurizio Schiepatti 0.4 gr 1.2/0.8 SENSAS 3405 22 hook
BOTTOM : SENSAS LUIS 1.0gr 0.14 to SENSAS 3314 14 hook

Rob Bradshaw and Jon Wells on pegs 4 and 5


The day proved to be a disappointment  as the expected nets of silvers did not materialise ??
I have fished all day for no silvers which is staggering considering the condition of the water yet next peg 7 Steve Oakes took a 'all' net of silvers be it just 4lb odd . Strange the Perch have fed and the Silvers have not ?

Rob with a handsome perch  in first 15 minutes !

Glad of taking 4 Billys for 7-4 , Two on the Lobby and the other two on smaller worm plus 7 wasps.

Steve Oakes (Joes dad)

Peter Jayes on the Bream peg Bream !

All smiles with these two units

Score card

Packed up and home time

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