Monday, 5 November 2018

2018 - Sunday November 4th - Greenhill AC match on the Carp Lake - Maggot only ?!

Greenhill steeped in history off being the 'Friendly-club' and its tradition was never more true than on Sunday as the local cracks came together and threw a few quid in the pot to see who could get the better of each other . Match Secretary John Kilby decided on a maggot only match with a winner for Carp nets and a winner for silvers net.

A bunch of nutters !

Well the match got under way and for the first hour Mick Carr screamed into the lead with 6 lumps on the maggot feeder ! My start was okay with about 3 silvers and an F1. Later into the match established 2 feed areas and rotated them using some 2 pints or reds all match , little and often all the time.
Towards the end myself and Brian Envis were trading blows with continual carp in the 3-5lb class . However Brian edged me out by a good 10lb . So the Former Leicester Likely lad has traded his river gear for Mud Pig fishing , shame as he was a cracking angler on the Trent.

First weigh in was 26 kilos

2nd weigh in 13 kilos

Can i edge the Envo !? First weigh in 23 kilos
 2nd weigh in 13 kilos

Nick with a nice weight

Match Secretary John Kilby
 Barry with 2 weighs

Mick Carr - pulverised the opposition in first couple of hours but the fish deserted later
 Mick with 2 weigh in's

1st Brian Envis 39.900kg 88lb 7oz - winner of the Carp match
2nd Phil Ackerley 36.260kg 79lb 9oz
3rd Barry Davies 31.240kg 68lb 8oz
4th Michael Carr 22.880kg 50lb 4oz
5th John Kilby 20.800kg 45lb 8oz
6th Nick Grassby 15.220kg 33lb 5oz
7th Steve Branston 9.600kg 21lb 1oz
8th Chris Bradshaw 2.120kg 4lb 6oz
9th Paul Wilson 1.620kg 3lb 5oz
10th Jeff Kent 1.560kg 3lb 4oz 

Unlucky the bottom 4-5 anglers as there is nothing wrong with their standard , the fish were not having it proper where they were .
Total match weight 394lb 39.4lb a man average
And Phil Ackerley won the silvers match with 720g

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