Saturday, 3 January 2015

2015 - Wigston Canal Blaby

I decided to take a membership card out with the Wigston AC at the beginning of the year and thought since i had some time of i would try after a 30 year gap since last fishing the venue.
Since i resided in Blaby then i plumbed for fishing as local as possible and a 4 minute car journey took me to the canal at Newbridge road between Glen Parva and Blaby.

There i came a cross an angler who was one of the senior members of the Wigston AC ,  Chairman Steven Pratt

We had a good conversation and talked about the many aspects of the Wigston AC waters and talked of our commonality in Leicestershire local angling.

View to my left . What a fabulous area this is with brand new houses and apartments either side . Must be great for walks into Leicester from here.

Based on his advice i decided to fish below the lock to the left of the Whetstone Bridge close to the overflow outlet.

 My target area for catching (i hope)

I plumbed up and found a very nice 4'6'' to 5' boat road with a good 3' shelf . I decided to rig up three tops :
1 - EXNER prototype 0.15gr to 0.9/0.6/24's  …...  for the far shelf
2 - SENSAS CCX2 4 x 10 0.14/16  …… for some Stripey action.
3 - SENSAS Jeff2 0.3gr to 0.9/0.7/22's …… middle and far track.

 The day was hampered by a gusty wind which played havoc with presentation but in-between the gusts presentation allowed the float to go down at regular intervals and my net of small Roach and perch was nice even though it was not a huge weight it was still having bites that cheers you up .
Approx 25-30 bits. (sorry about the focus)

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