Monday, 19 May 2014

2014 May 18th Greenhill AC - Ashpole spinney - 81 Tench!

Summer has arrived and the country is basking in warm sunshine up to 23 degrees and everywhere the smell of barbecues is evident :)
Decided to fish Ashpole again after the previous weeks weed clearance exercise took place on the Monday which yielded immediate rewards with people catching fish from the Monday evening and into the Tuesday when Brian and Richard reaped the rewards with nets full of Tench and Carp.

Decided to get there early expecting a flood of anglers but to my surprise the lake only had one angler but several arrived a few hours later . Chose peg 26 which is a peg i have never fished before but i have fished the majority of the pool pegs before and recently had been consistently fishing pegs 9 and 10 so a change was needed. The peg had a great aspect with the island trees giving a great background to my floats sitting in the water.

Peg 26 …… what  a picture !

Todays ingredients

Further menu of …..

4 tops set up mostly at 5-6 foot , 0.15 direct line to 18/16's hooks with floats from 0.4 to 0.8 gr . Using Exner prototype floats and SENSAS lines and shot

My office awaits !

10 mins and a few perch and Rudd the form was broken with this 3lb pounder on double maggot on a 4 foot slow sinking rig

Another followed after a splattering  of Tenchlettes   , about 2.5 LB

More Tench followed then a Torpedo sped aways and gave my SENSAS elastic a good test , it passed the test and this 5lb bruiser was conquered.

 Several Tench later another fully mirrored carp came to the net at 2.5lb

End of a 8 hour session in the sun and first to weigh was my small fish net or Rudd / Roach / Perch and 14 Tenchlettes   …….for about 7LB ish ?

My Last carp of the day was this exorcist missile that tore of at MACH II , controlled it then had the beast in my net ……nice 7 LB pounder

Then the TENCH net with 81 (- the 14 in the first net ) . For a 2 hour spell it was non stop action as the Tench got the taste for the meat and sometimes a bunch of reds on a 16's 
Fed 1 kilo of ground bait with 0.5pt of dead maggots and tin of hemp , 2 tins of corn , 0.25 bag of micros and mashed meat …….ran out of feed in the end!!
Caught fish up to 3 LB , quite  few 2.5 , 2.0 LB and many at 1.5 LB and the rest were 1 LB

Estimated :

small net 7LB (+14 Tenchlettes)
6 X Carp = 22 LB
 67 Tench = 75LB


Easily 100LB …….Best mixed form fishery in Leicestershire set in the best surroundings and all private and secure for all the members …….COME AND JOIN THE GREENHILL AC !

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