Sunday, 21 May 2023

2023 - May21st - Reconnoitre day at Nykoping for potential extra match length - also some waggler and whip fishing

Nykoping visit is a scouting trip for potential new section/s for future events . It was clear that after the recent feeder competition that some of us struggled with wading and the platform positioning. I spoke with fishing colleague Mats Larsson to see if we can organise a competition with the existing match length and a new easier to fish match section , we did and the mission to discover newer sections started .


Firstly the scouting trip to look at the potential for better pegs for all Nykoping matches.

First set of easy chairs to the right of the carpark/dog walk area

View from behind looking at the industrial estate and the parking area.

Moved to the right to the first natural gap in the reeds

From there the view to the right

Nice shingle /stone area enough for 4-5 pegs 

Easy chairs close to the Dog walk area 

View from behind to the previous photo

View to the right from previous 2 photos 

As for the days fishing 09:30 - 14:30 , it was ..............

Two very Large Rudd

5 Bream and 3 Big skimmers (two on the 4m whip)

Tench on the 4m whip elasticated 

Loads of Rudd , Roach , Bjorkna, Roach , Ide

Estimate 15-17 kilos 

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