Monday, 14 November 2022

12th November - Sodertalje Canal - Slider/Bolo match

Saturday 5 of us turned up to fish a rare slider match.

Mats pegged out in good spacing but the wind proved to be a nuisance and throughout the day !



Sodertalje canal a great venue for 40 places 

My peg 3 , my nemesis peg where i have done badly from in recent matches 

Car to the peg for most people 

Well , not good for me as with three slider rods with various experimental attachments i continuously got tangles from a strong facing wind 

Tom and Mats sorted out their setups to work better and were justly rewarded with 1st and 2nd place.

Tom peg1 1st place  

Mats peg 3 2nd place

Sunday, 6 November 2022


I decided to visit Nykoping again after Mats Larsson had returns of 172 fish last weekend . We both fished it a couple of weeks earlier to great effect. 

I arrived about 07:45am and was ready prepared with 3 whips at 4-5-6m and a top 5 pole with no 6 extension. It started very slowly and my first drop in i had a bite but missed it . Some 20 minutes later i caught an ide about 500-600 gr size then quiet for another 15 minutes then i started to catch as the gb/leam small balls with dead maggots and corn started to do the trick . Whilst fishing , good friend Stefan Johansson turned up and watched me bagging as is started to get at least 2 fish a minute as i finished on a 4m whip at 1 metre depth in 3.5 meters of water !!! 

After he departed i got my head down for the next few hours and caught an insane amount of Large roach . ide , Bjorkna , Rudd and some Perch (on corn) . 

When it came to draw the net up , i really struggled to haul it up (and i work out in the gym) Eventually i sat the net down and my 6 metre LOPPIS keepnet was full on bottom three rings . There was no way i could tip the fish in the two buckets i had with me as i really needed 4 or 5 buckets . But i thought best and quickly filmed and tipped back as i take care of the fish .........they all went back and EVERY ONE WAS A 'SWIMMER' ! 


Not sure what species this is ? Some form of Herring

A great day of catching and un-hooking and the hand suffers , but i can put up with that ✋👍😀

I estimate i had between 45-55 kilos as last weekend i had 45.2 kilos at Soderhamn and it felt a similar weight and possibly a bit more .

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

29/30th October an xtra Soderhamn match

Soderhamn - The Theatre of Breams (and Ide, Big Roach, Perch, Bjorkna, skimmers - forgetting the Bleak). Jesper , Fredrik and Marcus organised this Extra match after the recent high weight competition a few weeks back . 

Metmask again supplied the best bait and delivered for the Swedens Best matchmen with a great standard of 'cared for bait ' . Also supplying the best equipment from the producers listed below 

Friday night and best restaurant in town entertained us with their culinary delights . (and wines )

This time in Soderhamn we didn't have to call for an ambulance for Russ !!!!

The laughs and camaraderie flowed just like the beer and wine  - super good night. 

Back at the hotel basement car park and ever dependable Metmask delivered the bait , yet again

Worms a plenty

Jamie telling everyone he caught a fish that ...........big

Metmask moto ..........never let the customer down 

The 'Chief' (Per ) .....struggling physically to do anything after receiving two broken ribs in a recent car accident 

Bloodworm of the best quality to those who require

The Joker also of the 'best looked after quality'

Always a generous helping from Russ

Freddy has turned religious - now praying for a victory tomorrow

Bait distribution over and time for a few more beers in McGee's 

Tomorrows species but half do not count 

Saturday morning and Jesper organises the draw 

I got peg 4 - view to my left

View to my right 

Leam filtered - joker powdered 

Spot the gear with so many leaves camouflaging

Jamie to me left and i am on the scrounge to use his wisk as forgot mine .

3 whips and 3 top 4's for me 

All ready ...... hope so !?

Match started with the usual pre-bait and i placed 5 balls leam/joker on 11m line . Then 3 ground bait balls at 5-7m . I didn't want to put too much in as wanted to build the peg up gradually as it was a 5 hour match .

Within a minute of the start most were catching Perch of size but eventually skimmer , roach and ide showed up . I had after one hour one good bream about 1.5 and two about 800-1000 size then the Ide started to plunder the free offerings of maggot i managed to throw in at 5m in a horrendous wind . I started to take the ide and roach with Perch at 5m hauling them in to hand on 0.18 straight through to a size 10 SENSAS 3065 hook using a three gram float . Most Ide i netted as they are crazy shaking their heads so much even the large roach (up to 1.75lb) were nutters ! . 

I had a poor middle hour as the flow changed repeatedly but i finished strong catching another six Big Bream on 5m whip and and pole top 5 . The days wind got really strong close to the end of the match and ironically as the match finished then so di the wind .

Now for the weigh in ..................

Freddy (last years winner ?) with a colossal weight of 53300

Jesper the days winner with 64500

Marcus with 41125

Myself with 45200

Jamie 27750

Per with 46750

Tom with 48475

Jonas with 25850

Anders with 28550

Bengt with 30100

Russ with 39950

After a shower and clean up we met in the Hotel reception for the draw for Sundays pegs 

Master of ceremonies Jesper organised

Hotel receptionist helped us draw the numbers as Marcus videoed the LIVE draw

Draw complete we perambulated across the road from the hotel to McGees  hostelry for food and drink in copious amounts.

Food was excellent and the laughs and fun started with plenty of drinking 


No wind but very cold morning greeted all the competitors 

Queen Hege on her throne ........brave lady sitting there in the cold 

EXNER 3gr and 4gr ILIASZ 

EXNER 1.5gr and 3gr LUCIFER

Sun is getting up and soon to get a little warmer

Another great match however i lost it badly in the 3rd and 4th hour as Bleak moved in and i could not get past them so tried corn but so few fish on it. I persisted fishing at 11m on my Joker/Leam line and caught a nice stamp of 6 Bream backed up with some great skimmers . I could not get enough Ide in my peg to get more back up weights to compliment the Bream catch . But that is fishing but still enjoyed another Big weight day .

Per Nilsson with the best weight on peg 1 56450

Brilliant performance considering he has two broken ribs after a car accident . Get well mate .

Jonas 24225

Marcus 35225

Freddy 44675

Jesper 43500

Me with 31000

Dan with 17625 (HEGE 5925)

Jamie with 19375 and a very sore shoulder having struggled to net fish t a steep angle - get it sorted brother !

Russ with 43500

Tom with 42400