Sunday, 26 March 2023

2023 - March 26th Nykoping river below the bridge

The weather was looking good for this weekend about a week ago then suddenly the weather became very changeable and Sunday became the worst day which Mats and i had planned for . Undaunted by the days cold Mats was first to arrive and by the time i got there he was already fishing but awaited the first indication of a feeding fish .

I arrived and immediately we started to talk of the match possibilities of this venue and prospectively how many anglers we could fit in ? After about 15 minutes i started to get cold so i returned to the car for a hot coffee and added more layers of warmth to my head and body.

I decided to walk the match length and take prospective photos and videos .

Mats waiting for an indication 

Good view of the bank opposite that could be used in a larger match ?

Walked up to the road bridge where the river was really pulling through due to the previous days heavy rain and melting snow .

From the bridge looking opposite where fishing positions are attainable 

From the bridge looking down the boardwalk which could house 12-15 position easily , all comfortable positions .


End of that boardwalk and it dog-legs and still available could be 4-5 positions ? 

Looking back to the bridge 

So , today i actually doubted our sanity in coming out on a day in the damp freezing cold however a breath of fresh (cold) air is always good . Most importantly this reconnoiter is valuable information for the match we intend to run here on April 23rd (hopefully not so many boats in the water then ?) We also will run possibly a 2 match weekend on October 22nd/23rd again depending on boats moored up will determine its go ahead .

Sunday, 19 March 2023

2023 - March 19th - Trosa ..........any Ide ?

My good friend Stefan Johansson told me of his day at Trosa a few days ago and he managed to take one good Ide of 2460. So with expectancy high i decided a visitation was necessary . However in between that capture the rain was heavy and especially on the Saturday therefore the water was brown and cold , so no takes were possible .


Lovely place to park up and set the gear up . Even though no activity it was just great to get out in decent temperatures with the sun threatening to make an appearance . 

Sunday, 12 March 2023

2023 - March 12th , Arboga on a scouting mission

 Saturday night 3 of the Metmask team stopped at Lord Jamie Cooley castle in Kopingshire . We were entertained with a fine selection of beers and wines plus a great steak meal ..........I forgave him for beating us 1-3 (on tv)  (Leicester 1 Chelsea 3)

Criminals! .......... be careful of these characters people - They are Metmask Mafia .

This picture is on a visit to a small river full of dog roach and good chub , Jamie's secretive water ???

Back to Arboga and we have a plan !?

If the flow is not too strong then we could place 6-8 pegs above where we normally fish ?

Lord Cooley of Kopingshire directing the pegging placement 

Beware of these dodgy looking characters ............ Mafia

Arboga 'Massive' 

Sat down , talked about getting the pegs sorted in readiness for the Arboga spectacular .

Jamie will give you more information about the amount of pegs we can fit in and if all goes well we can get 32 in without using the very bottom street like last year . All bodes well , watch this space .

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

2023 - Trosa , Sunday 12th February

Trosa in its glory above the newly constructed weir was again my visit to see if i could catch , basically anything ? Previous week had been rather cold with minus temperatures however the day looked reasonable for wetting a line.

Looking further upstream (where you are not allowed to fish) up from the photographic video placement opposite.

Here we have the station where it is hoped to view a lot of trout migrating up river to do their family business . However in the last 3 weeks no Trout has ventured through the recording station . I believe only 8 have been videoed since the operation of the recording unit . There is still time for more to arrive , it is hoped and with them will follow Bream and Perch and Ide taking freebie eggs , lets see !

I carried on into the town to the usual place opposite the Bohman Hotel and set up a 13ft rod with stick float and also my trusty drop shot rod . The rest of my kit was in the car but i would only set up pole and box if i thought there maybe some silvers in the water .

Coffee time !

After two hours of drop shooting and stick float fishing without any sign of action i decided to move upstream and on my walking travels i cam across bridge discarded on the boards by the usual morons 

Careless deposits from scum !

Lunch time and Broccoli and Leek soup with Danish brown bread is a winner !

Well a un-eventful day but still good to get out for some fresh cold air . I saw many anglers try their luck today and did not see a fish caught so that recent really cold snap must have put them down , badly . Always a next time .

Sunday, 29 January 2023

2023 - Return to Trosa for a go - will there be anything there on the feed ?

I decided to visit Trosa as its local to me but also i can keep an eye on angling standards as i intend to make sure the fish are not abused like i saw over the last couple of years . I would dearly love to be a bailiff there but unfortunately you have to be a Swedish citizen and i have 2 years to go before i am able to perform potentially that task.  ( its normally 4 years before you are allowed to apply for that citizenship)

Anyway , i arrived at the Trosa weir / fish passage and the frost was over the ground and it was showing minus 3 (-3) . I made a couple of videos then progressed further into the town and parked up opposite the Bohmans  the now regular haunt for me . On arrival i saw a couple of fish rise , umm i thought i wonder if they will feed on the pole line ? Already there was a few anglers drop-shooting and started to catch , mostly Perch so i decided to set up my GUNKI rod and complete the same discipline using various colours of soft lures.

I decided not to fish the pole as my thoughts were similar to last year when many fish were taken by lures and there was no interest for maggot . I therefore assembled the drop shot rod and started to join in the fun with the rest of the anglers on the bank . 
It took 30 minutes before i got the right balance of weight to hook and settled on a orange/red plastic fish lure . I took two Perch on successive casts then retired to the car for a well earned coffee and sandwich , a 'Macka' as they call it over here . 

Suitably refreshed and warmed up for a second cup of coffee i carried on and caught some more

The last three Perch of the day were or larger and i netted them 

It has been wonderful to get out and get some cold fresh air and to take Perch on the DS which is exciting as they really do it the lure hard . 

Over the coming weeks and months i shall fish Trosa more and hopefully get into the Ide when they start to show and later into April/May when all the species arrive in large shoals then its fun backing time on the whip.

Monday, 2 January 2023

2023 - Trosa 1st January - First day of the fishing season

After a previous days visit to Trosa to view the new 'Trout/Otter' project i decided to arrive on New Years Day for the traditional start of the Fishing season. The recent change in ending all possibility of fishing after September 14th till December 31st was for me all about the 'TROUT' , yes that fish species so regarded as more important than any other fish in the river . However that closed part of the season has its advantages as the scum-anglers are not around to take everything that swims . 

My visit coincides with a previous visit some 2 years ago on the 4th January when myself and Jimmy Kungsman fished and we are rewarded with some great weights of Bream , skimmer , Bjorkna and Roach. Its hoped that repeats itself however viewing the coloured brown water presumably from melting snow i dont hold out much luck but i will give it a go .

I set up on opposite side to the Bohmans hotel . Easy kit out of the car and nice and flat to sit on ......all i need now is fish !

You can see there is some strengthening work to the bank going on on far side 

Ice to my left and an area that is normally more preferral to fish from 

Small feeder out at 2/3 across - fingers crossed ?

Top 7 pole out after two cupped balls of leam/dead joker 

So after three hours i decided to go home as clearly there was no fish in the system and all other anglers were also failing to catch . I shall try over the coming weekends , weather allowing . 

Saturday, 31 December 2022

2022 - December 31st , New Years Eve - A visit to the new 'Fish Pass' constructed at the top of the town

I decided to purchase a season ticket like the previous two years so i am able to try and enjoy premier class fishing . The only problem sometimes is the anglers around you who insist in casting in your peg on occasions plus i also have to suffer the sight of some deplorable treatment of fish and grand scale removable of prime fish by the 'Foreigners' 

Oh well , lets see if something can be done about this 'rape' of fish stocks when there is no need . Fishing is about enjoyment , pictures of your fish and treating the species with some form of dignity . 

Home to many species like : Bream , Bjorkna , Ide , Roach , Rudd , Bleak , Perch , Tench , Vimma , Pike , Burbot , Zander , various Herrings on occasions , Eel , Dace and odd Chub .


Ummm .......Fishing not allowed from the car park bank yet last summer i saw many fishing it ? 

The Project and the facts ........Vad Kosta ? Millions SEK ?

View from the first bend in the river - Our Eldest daughter , Jenny was married there .

View downstream from the first bend as it enters the main town 

What is this in the water ? Some sort of technical capture 'thing' that might be analysing water quality/life?

Walking back up the steeper bank and great view of the water courses on the far side - looks great to fish from ........ummm Summer project  👍😃

Next to viewing station where Otters and Trout have been spotted 

Very nice construction - will it flow like this in the Summer ?

The Overflow stream providing plenty of water flow but expect to be a lot less in Summer

Overflow pipe feeding a smaller stream

Decided to head into town opposite the Bohmans Hotel .........Needed to go !!!... Open ? .... No !!!!

Toilets not Open need to be a boater only , public toilets dont exist to i will use the local tree 

Lets view the water for potential fishing tomorrow ?

Nearside still iced up but fishable to the right 

This is the place i shall cast a line tomorrow - small feeder and a pole line , if i catch then great but if not then the fresh air will be just as nice .

Wind coming at me a little but mostly behind ........     colder tomorrow but less wind and some sunshine for midday 

The Arena of death ........ this is the area where i have witnessed the most gross indecency towards fish species . I have seen foreign types fill buckets of big bream and Ide with some Perch . We are talking big plastic buckets full as they ignore any form of obeying the rules . This must stop and i will most weekends record this 'murder' as it needs to be exposed plus i strongly doubt most of then do not have a fishing card for this water ...........maybe they start taking the Trout , the precious ones , how will they stop this ? 

The Arena of Death , the Christians (fish) and Lions (shit awful people)