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2021 KARLSTAD Part 3 July 19th - The start of 3 days of Piscatorial enlightenment

DAY 1 Monday 19th July

Set out from Södertälje at 04:30 am and arrived in Karlstad approx. 07:30 am with just the one stop to stretch the old legs . The morning was quite cool compared to the previous weather of the last four weeks where temperatures did not fall below18 degrees in the night but this was short lived as the sun was up and reaching 20 degrees , fleece jacket of !

It was super to arrive at the same car park where back in 2005 i had first visited. Just awesome to see that famous stone bridge where John Wilson fished his Swedish adventure and where the bridge provided the back ground to the enigmatic and talismanic John Wilson where he stood (in the water) catching Bream and roach for the first part of his 4 parts of different fishing in Sweden.


JW starting his first session in Sweden

2005 and my first cast 

2021 ......soon my first cast

John Wilson You Tube video :


Solakoop B+B ...........Great place to stop with the river across the road and just 5 minutes walk into the centre of town .

I made an appearance at my accomadation just to let them know i was going fishing first then back in the early evening . The place is called ; SOLAKOOP B&B , Sandbäcksgatan 33 , 65340 , Karlstad .

GOOGLE MAP:äcksgatan+33,+653+40+Karlstad//@59.3889633,13.4945353,17z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x465cb3c4ceda30d7:0xa5c58bf2d2a5b8af!2m2!1d13.494762!2d59.3895012!1m0!3e0?authuser=0&hl=sv



I started tackling up and decided on the three set-ups of 

- 13' MRX-V Trabucco Sygnum rod with a DH 6x4 Stickfloat 

- 13' MIVARDI Super match rod with EXNER Silver star Peacock waggler 3gr. 

- SENSAS 74XL RIVER pole top 7 with EXNER ILIASZ 4gr ball pole float .

All rigs with EXNER 07 SERIES 14's hook .

Ground baits were from the METMASK range which included ;

LORPIO , MIVARDI and PROFESS , Leams today and next few days.

Car to the water

Fishing information board which actually shows an angler with Drennan cap , it could be an English guy , i speculate . But back in 2005 it was John Wilson's picture that showed.

Fishing prices are reasonable :

Almost ready 

Note the ABU 507 , finally a chance to use it with another in my bag if needed 

Such a long walk to the car - suffering !

How good is this - a river of discovery 

Commencement of fishing :

I plumbed the depth and it was as Mikael Nyman had said; 1.5 to 2.5 metres deep  . I found an even 2 metres in front which was 'jacuzzi' at times water but then continuing in smooth water which was perfect for the Stick and pole . I had a waggler rod set up to cast about 25 metres even though i could see streaming weed through my polaroid glasses but it looked quite good to try and see if any of those large Ide were ambushing under the weed banks . 
I started by feeding 7 hard balls at 75/25 gb/leam laced with corn , dead-reds at top 7 pole length . I then sprayed some maggot out for the waggler line and continued to do so with corn over the session. I started on the stick to get a feel of the run-through to see if i was facing any snags etc ...... It was my second trot down the float went under and i hit a Dace of about 6oz that scrapped so hard . I had further Dace and Roach after for the next 30 minutes when i hit something large and now my gear was tested as it must be an Ide , it was and wow do these units scrap . I played it steady for about two minutes sometimes not making an impression on its movement but eventually it succumbed however just before netting it went away like a rocket and my reel was back winding . That was its last resistance as i played it closer and netted but as soon as it left the water in the net it went crazy ! By the time i sat it between my legs and started to use the disgorger it was bouncing the net and whacking my arm with its tail - these things dont give up ! . Carefully i lowered it in the keep net and it still managed to jump and enter the net bashing the full keepnet length as it swam , it was one angry Ide of about 4.5lb ish . 
Up to midday i had taken a further Ide and a Bream and Björkna started to show in numbers . Pole was the most productive as i could hold the bait better for the fish. I tried a few times on the waggler but only a few small Dace were possible so i stuck with Pole approach . As the morning wore on smaller ide started to show and one instance an Ide of about a 1lb i was just about to net when something too my right under the water went for the fish . I immediately in a split second thought a Pike but as i started to net the Ide a perch only a bit larger than the Ide swam into the net .........unbelievable !

                           These Ide are crazy fighters !

End of the day as feeling really tired as woke up at 03:30 am so time to show the fish 

A bucket of Roach , Dace , Perch and Bjorkna

Pick of the Big lads 

Nice net of fish , approx. 18/20 kilos 

I got back to my Bed and Breakfast and took a quick shower and change of clothes as Mikael was to pick me up for a meal in town . We managed to get in at a busy restaurant next to the canal in the centre of town however we sat there for one drink and no service to order a meal for almost 90 minutes so like other people we cleared of to search for another eatery . We eventually walked the canal to find a small restaurant producing Lebanese food was excellent and washed down with a few beers and finished of with Rhubarb crumble and ice cream ........that was me finished . So home it was and straight to bed as i had been up some 18 hours . 

DAY 2 Tuesday 20th July

Mikael Nyman has organised a session on the river length at Stenlandet at Örsholmen so that was destination for Day 2 and i arrived there just before midday and Mikael arrived shortly after . I set up three rigs ;

- 7M Bolo rod with EXNER Pallas 5gr 

- 7m SENSAS Valencia whip with EXNER Pallas 4gr

- Top 6 of my pole with a EXNER Delta flat float 10gr

The river was wide and powerful and the rock positions made it awkward to get the box settled in properly but help from Mika sorted that out . I mixed a 50/50 GB/River Leam mix laced with dead-reds and corn . 10 balls went in on a depth of 3m metres .

Mikael went home and was to arrive later in the session . I got on with fishing and it was not long until the fish started to respond to the initial bait feed as i started to catch many Dace and a few Roach . About an hour into the fishing i had a large Ide which took me to centre of the river on my Bolo rod back winding a little . It would not give up and it used the current in the river to its advantage but eventually after a few aborted attempts to net it , it finally succumbed and it was mine but like the day before it did not stop thrashing in the landing net - crazy fish !   It was later i took a further Ide and a large Bream of about 4lb ish . The only other species i occasionally had was a few Bleak and a Perch and one Bjorkna . Later the flat float worked better as the fish appeared to back off and so i had the Bream on this method with the second Ide coming on the elasticated 7m whip .


The first brute of the day 

What a beautiful sight 



Hell of a walk from the car 

A pair of brutes

There goes my diet - Mikael Nyman should come with a Health warning !!

Day 3 Wednesday 21st July

Mikael has arranged a match for the evening time from where we fished on the Tuesday so instead of fishing the morning period we thought it would be a rather good idea to reconnoitre a few of the river lengths for possible festivals and match series that METMASK are looking to create . So i had a lay-in and slightly later breakfast and Mika came around about 09:30 am time so we went viewing all the potentials .

We viewed a few different places but the access was not the best and the bank side for pegging would need some work . However later we fished what they call the GULDKUSTEN ('Golden Beach') stretch which looked like some 300 metres in length . When we arrived we were impressed to find the bank was good and access was excellent. It would probably need a permission from the local Kommune (The council) to get the necessary acquirement for parking dispensation . 

Perfect for trolleys

School behind with ample parking 

Long pathway on the whole length 

A good 125 metres wide 

We then came across the Lake where John Wilson completed his part 4 of the Swedish adventure , fishing for Crucians . How lovely to follow his footsteps in at least two of his 4 part Swedish trip .

John underneath the two big trees

View the video and see the swimmer coming towards him 

His catch on the day 

View his video

Lunch time and we visited the Mongolian Steak Hose for a mixture of Thai / Chinese type food where you choose the food and its freshly woked . As much soft drink and desert ice cream and coffee as you want all for a £10 .

Evening match at Stenlandet on Örsholmen with ;

Bo Nilson

Per-Erik Wallander

Per-Ove Edvarsson

Lennart Graas

Mikael and myself 

Mix the same as the day before when i had 11/12 kilos 

We fished for 3 hours and the fish had backed off and the weights were small for an evening session from 17:00-20:00 pm  .......Mikael won with 2,4 kilos , 2.2  and 1.9 best weights . Shame it did not produce better as the bleak became a nuisance but that is fishing !

To summarise the trip to Karlstad : 

It was magical to follow the same path as the Piscatorial star of TV who brought such compulsive viewing for all anglers with his varied trips round the world fishing many styles . His passing has left a legacy of his fishing thoughts about predatation in the UK and he has left a void never filled on TV by any others that have graced the TV screen . For me he was the best , not the best angler but the best at making the fishing look enjoyable . I am glad i have followed his path , again and no doubt again i will do , again. Massive thanks to fellow METMASK team member Mikael Nyman who has been a brilliant guide , coach , server of food and all round great friend to me , i thank you very much for the the three days and look forward to more days at Karlstad .

Products used and promoted during this trip to Karlstad 

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