Monday, 10 May 2021

Nyköping Feeder match 8th and 9th May

Nyköping evokes many great memories of fishing matches i have fished there in the past and the great battles with Bream shoals (with Tench , Roach , Bjorkna , Rudd ) as they prepare for their breeding fest . Trosa SFK are the club that organise this event lead by supremo Johan Kindlundh the organiser of this two day spectacular event. This is one in the calendar you don't want to miss. 

Johan greeting with a smile and after 6 years we meet again mate 

Saturday early morning view of the venue with the piren in the distance 

Great view of the match length

Massive decent bloke is Kent Adell - great to meet the bagging master . In the 6 years since last seeing him he won a SILVER medal in the World Championships for Sweden . He also won a weekend competition at Saffle with 197 kilos  , in 2 x 5 hour matches - staggering weights ! 

The nature in this area proudly displayed

My Office for the day peg A2

The days menu

4 feeder rods at the ready 

The bait and mix ready 

Peg and the view 

I managed to get into the water and set up my box however i must invest in a platform as clearly they're a must for this style of fishing . Unfortunately i had not used these leg waders for sometime and the left leaked and the right boot slipped down allowing a surge of water in so i sat the whole match with cold feet  , not the best of situations . Match started and within 10 minutes Fredrik Samuelsson on next peg struck into first fish a decent size Bream .

Weigh in time Lauras caught well all day for 24680 from A1 

Slow start but in last 2 hours i put some better fish in the net for 17640 on A2

Fredrik to my right on A3 with a nice Tench and 17560 

Marcus on A4 with 18860

Håkan with 12360 on A5

Stefan Holst absolute smashing bloke and another bagging master with 11140 on A6 

Mats my personal fishing medic with 16360 of A7 

Wilhelm with 9780 and a big bream on A8

Krzysztof with 9860 on A9

Jimmy my other fishing medic and alround great bloke with 15460 on A10

Has been known to kiss fish 

Jaroslav with 5980 on B1

The man , the myth , the legend  Kent (Esses) Adell with 18620 on B2 - with a nice Ide 

Mikael with 14800  on B3

Jesper with days TOP weight of 24520 on peg B4

ESA on B5 had 9600 

MAGNUS on B6 had 19020 

On B7 with 18400 was Trosa's finest , Johan

On B8 was Patrik with 14500 

Tadas on B9 with 21160 

Crazy bloke called Jamie with 22980 on B10

First days results 

Second day arrived with a promise of horrible foul weather and driving rain - deep joy ! 

This time i brought my full waders however i could not get out in the water like Jesper did the day before so i decided to fish in the water close to the bank . Great mate Mats Larsson got into the water and cleared a channel out for me and i was most grateful as my old body does suffer from the cold so i was able to keep my feet out of the water .
The day got worse weather wise after about 2 hours of the match when the wind swung around and came into your face and it rained . Soon you started to feel cold and without decent weatherproof clothing you are well and truly fucked . Jamie to my left waded fully out to his waist however the cold got to him and he had to retire after catching at least 10 kilos in first 2 hours . I think we both said we must gear up for these conditions and start investing in decent platforms etc .... 
Anyway my choice  of sitting further back cost me several decent fish as they snagged up in the weed but that was my choice so next year i shall plan better with better clothing and decent equipment and larger hooks (Thanks Kent ) 

So it was end and the second day and even though the weather was awful and dam cold the fishing was incredible as the catch returns doubled on the Sunday . 

First to weigh in section A was Fredrik with 31440  .....A1

Jimmy my personal medic was on A2 with 34980 (sorry no picture due to frozen fingers and steaming up camera lens  from the incessant rain - forgive me mate 

On A3 Tadas with 14660 

You can see the picture is getting blurred from the rain on lens 

On A4 is the 'BAGGING MACHINE ' who took no prisoners with his tactics (thanks for the tips mate ) on A4 with a staggering weight of 52360 - almost 4 weigh ins !!

Johan THE top rod from Trosa with a great weight of 32860 of A5

Mikael with 19000 from A6

Håkan with 23180 from A7

Wilhelm with 29820

Wilhelm on A8

Krzysztof with 22700 on A9 

Magnus with 27660 on A10

Patrik on B1 with  9860

Jaraslov on B2 with 26180

B3 was Jamie and the cold got the better of him which was a shame as he gained 2nd place the day before 

Me on B4 with 14540  , cold , wet but still enjoyed it and will be back next year , certainly equipped better 

Esa with a great catch of 3160 from B5

Mats my medical assistant on B6 with 29300 

Top man of the weekend was Jesper with 31700 for competition winner

Marcus on B8 with 34580 

On B9 was Laurus with 19240 

On B10 was the other bagging machine Stefan with 44120 

THE RESULTS - How good ?

Since returning from UK last year after 6 years away i realised after this weekend just how short i am of gear for Swedish fishing . This has shown me i need to get sorted out for a platform , maybe a new box but most of all is changing my gear over to this form of fishing as certainly with Arboga which certainly was a feeder match along with the Nykoping match a change is required and i must get better warmer clothing for when the situation allows .

My next order i think will be a MK platform 

I need to o look in the Toy catalogue

I also learned my lesson in how to strip the dead reed stick from last year - DONT BREAK THEM WITH YOUR HANDS !!!!
 Foolishly i put a large gash in a finger that did not stop bleeding - thanks to my medical assistants Mats and Jimmy they saved the day with tissues and plasters .So the weekend was a learning curve on what to do and what not to do , next year wiser , i hope .

Nice EXNER hooks from METMASK at

Cheers Russ 

Big thank you and massive well done to Johan Kindlundh for organising the weekend - HUGE WELL DONE TO YOU MATE !