Sunday, 3 January 2021

2021 - January 3rd - At Trosa with Jimmy Kungsman

First time i have fished in Sweden since 2018 and with an average weather spell just lately it was realised by fellow team mate Jimmy Kungsman of the TROSA SFK that a possibility to fish was going to happen.
Jimmy picked me up from my house and i travelled lighter than normal as to minimise the volume in his VOLVO estate car.

35 minutes later we arrived and started to get ready . Will we catch ?

Car to your peg so no trolley required.

Looking up the narrow canal to my left a few fish started to rise - expectancy went up !

Fished till midday and the first 2 hours were very productive even though the bites were timid so fine tackle was still the way to fish. 

We used quite a lot of regular feed ground bait with dead pinkies and maggots . Both of us caught Bjorkna and skimmer with a few roach .

During that period there was a huge predation in the water as very large fish swirled in groups along the bank chasing smaller fish . Not sure what they were , Zander , Ide , Pike ....... we had no idea but what a spectacle it was watching giant swirls in the water simultaneously in several areas .

View across the canal from Jimmys peg - Beautiful town is Trosa

Just playing fish of the day then !

A bit miffed losing that Bream and 6 more during the day - Jimmy also lost about 10 .

End of the day and ended up with approx. 7 kilos 

Jimmy stormed it in the end with  a good 13-14 kilos 

 The Bagging Master really put me to the sword.

My tackle on the day was 

Rig 1 - MAS-JO2 0.6 float to SENSAS 6110 18
Rig 2 - MAS-SM2 0.4 float to SENSAS 3405 20 

Sunday, 11 October 2020

2020 - Charnwood League Round 2 - 11th October

 On a quite cold Sunday morning Round 2 presented itself and the usual meeting place of the BARROW TOWN FC was our meeting destination. Great credit should go to StuTimpson , Paul Greensmith for their organisation and also a very appreciative thank you to the BTFC for opening the place for breakfast rolls and hot drinks considering the current situation the country finds itself in. (All current COVID rules have been maintained and adhered to ) 

The Day's 'DEEPS' winner Greg Clarke of the SOLDIERS and SAILORS team 

Great service from the BTFC with their serving hatch for food and drink

Me mate Mick consuming his roll vigorously 

At the MAS are the team meeting with the air of expectancy 

Canal Captain Dave Allen completed the draw with River Captain Mick Carr

Jarred was of to a quick start and to peg 7 

On Peg 9 John Shuter Bennetts C

On Peg 8 Joe Oakes of Wigston Colmic 

Peg 7 Mark Eustace of Bennetts B

Peg 6 Steve Raynor S+S

Peg 5 is Scott Johnson, manager of COLMIC Soar Tackle Boland Baits

Peg 4 is David Perch of Bennetts AC

Peg 3 is Brad Titmus of Trentman

Peg 2 is Mick Carr ('The SUTTON SLAYER from Round 1)

Peg 1 is Greg Clarke of Soldiers and Sailors

It wasn't me !!

The Greens from the Barrow Bridge

On Peg 9 is UK COLMIC manager Adam Nurse 

Peg 7 is Jarred Toone of MAS

Jarred taking a large Billy

Steve Darlison on peg 6 for Bennetts 

Don On Peg 5

On peg 5 _____________

On Peg 3 is ______________

On Peg 2 is Mark Russell for Bennetts 

Deeps weigh time , Peg 9 John Shuter 7-15

Peg 8 , Joe Oakes with 7-12

On Peg 7 is Mark Eustace with 5-13

On Peg 6 is Steve Raynor 3-10

Scott on Peg 5 with 2-7

On Peg 4 is Dave Perch with 4-7 Bennetts A

On Peg 1 is the Deeps winner Greg Clarke with 8-11

Peg 7 Greens for Jarred Toone

The boat owner decides to wash his boots !!!

Great result for Jarred taking 3rd on the Greens and third overall on the river sections