Monday, 25 October 2021

2021 - Orebro weekend competition organised by Jesper and Team


After travelling from Sodertalje Friday evening i made my way to Jamie's pad where i was greeted with Russ and Esa and we were treated to his gastronomy cooking of excellent order with a Shepherds pie washed down with copious amounts of Red Wine with a preliminary tasters of Gin and Tonic and strong beer - 'and you want to fish in the morning !?' 

DAY 1 

Little England in Koping . The morning was greeted with a sharp frost of about minus 2 so scraping windscreens was the morning start after Jamie's famous Bacon , Sausage and egg sandwiches with a smattering of HP Brown Sauce with orange juice that clearly made the bowel movement possible so early dumps were the order of the morning !!

Jamies Pad , home of the Swedish Chelsea supporters club - 'The Koping End'

Screen scraped and bait loaded ready for delivery to the boys 

        Loaded up as the maggots that stay ultra fresh in the cool box - Bait welfare with Metmask is paramount as all anglers need the bait in the best condition for the event - no smelling of rancid sweaty bait from MM and no fancy gimmicks to sell it !!

To my Right - Beautiful Autumnal day

Box on the path and just a few metres to place the box on a flat platform - it does not get better than that 

To my Left - how beautiful is this venue ?

My Menu for the office was the following based on Russ and Jamies success in this years matches . Tried and tested to work , however there are a few extra ingredients !?!?!

DAY 2 

Arrived to see the Norwegians at full strength as usual and great to see them knowing their ridiculous government has placed horrible rules on their use of keep nets , basically , you cannot use them - Woke thinking in our sport we do not need !!

Great to talk with the main organiser of the event and much respected angler of defining quality and ability  that is Jesper Dyberg 

Jamie !? .........where is he ? ......he's taking a dump !!

I drew peg 19 for Day 2 and i set up 4 x Top 5's of EXNER DELTA 10gr and 8gr with two pole floats of EXNER ISISZ 3gr and 6gr and one 6.5m whip using a 2.5gr EXNER JUNO.

Brilliant pegs where leg adjustment to the boxes are minimal and TAP is excellent for shipping rearwards

Rig time plus i added a 10gr SENSAS PIESTANY 

I was really hoping that Day 2 would bring in shoals of larger Roach and Skimmers however it was a day that favoured the Bleak anglers and top weight of 12.5 kilos of Bleak was never going to be beaten . Clearly if the expected shoals of larger fish were to be there then you could compete with the Bleak lads but alas it was not to be .
I enjoyed it fishing at 11.5 metres as the wind did destroy good presentation however near the end of the match i had a run of Perch and a missed hooked Bream that left its calling card of slime up the line . 
MyDay 1 was similar as i lost two decent Bream so i can imagine they were liners that i lost too , but that is fishing you cannot legislate for lost fish .

The match was a success and its hoped it will be ran next year as the venue is just one of the best in Sweden.

Enormous bag of 12kilos of Bleak 

Wind swept and could have done with roach and skimmer shoals to compete 

Niklas found some skimmers in the last quarter of the match 

Scores on the boards for DAY 2 


Sunday, 17 October 2021

2021 - Trosa October 17th - Team DM match - Trout don't count !

On the Saturday 16th October at the same venue the individual DM was fished and unfortunately the top weight was 600 grams , yes 600 grams ! Yet behind us in the main course of the canal from the town the water will be saturated in shoals of Bream , Roach , Ide , Bjorkna and Perch however we are not allowed to fish it !? 
The lunacy of this is that the authorities deem it a problem to have anglers fishing for all other fish and that will upset migrating and breeding Trout ? This is incredulous as when has anyone seen a trout or even caught one in all the 20 years i have fished here ? Staggering ! Obviously this decision is not to dissimilar to England and Wales (Scotland and Ireland/s no ) where they have close season March 14th to June 15th yet canals and commercials it is okay you can fish 365 days. This has nothing to do with trout but more like ENVIRONMENTAL AGENCY in bed with the ANGLING TRUST to keep a few anglers happy that their Barbel and Chub are not being upset during that period . I and sure Cormorants and Otters have disturbed them a lot more .However that is England and not here in Sweden .

Anyway onto the fishing , rant over !

Trosa steeped in history as a fishing town and its sports fishing club was started in 1934. Today a message board was placed so that hopefully the walking public can beware of our fishing and the amount of gear that we use . 

Sorting out the peg draw 

Johan Kindlundh to me left 

Johan Axelsson with his boys in the Junior section

Well ! it was rumoured the weights good be progressively better today as historically it has been like that before that on the 2nd day the fish have moved in , have they ?

It was frustrating for all 9 anglers as the only fish feeding was micro-bleak , with a few Herrings and later in the day some small Roach were caught .........i even saw a few Jelly Fish !!! 

I managed to get the best weight on the day with a hard earned 1.260 kilo made up of about 100 plus small fish . I was so disappointed for the organisers and for the guys fishing . 

Percy can always raise a smile 

Monday, 4 October 2021

2021 - SODERHAMN 2nd and 3rd OCTOBER

Mattias Larsson again superbly organises this great event and as the years  have gone by it is a really top bagging fest match with huge popularity where you must get your name down early. Since 2011 the last time i fished here the pegging has changed and the match has extended out from the main narrows to the harbour area with sections either side .The 'Narrows' now fishes on the 'town' side with a section of Ladies on the opposite side further upstream .

I arrived at the main car park to engage Metmask for my bait !?

Further down the area was METEBUTIKEN doing a roaring trade with their shop and ordered bait supply .

Nice to see so many anglers also shopping for Metmask bait.


After getting some of my bait i then decided to go to my peg 21 . Great looking peg and an end peg which is a nice advantage to have when i am short of some essentials but to have the end peg allows me to draw fish to what fish food selection i have .


Nice view of the sections on the other side 

Set up and ready to go as i have some recent form to enlarge on - i am really up for this match under the circumstances. 

The match started very slowly for at least 30 minutes i did not see anyone catch ? Then gradually on the other side a few anglers were netting large Bream . Then on peg 22 next to me Andreszi from Norway took two quick Bream on the pole so i came off the feeder and placed my rig on my pre-baited area and a fish immediately was hooked . I then took two more but Andreszi took two more and we both ended up on 5 fish only however they were large fish and strangely there was no back up fish like Roach , Perch , Skimmer , Bjorkna , Ide , Vimma , just Big Bream !

Weigh in time : 

Phil Ackerley Peg 21 - 8960 - sorry about the fish on the deck as it just jumped out when photo being taken , sorry !

Andreszi peg 22 - 8040

Good friend Jonas Berglund - peg 23 3040 

Thomas Soderlund - peg 24 3500 - unlucky pal , you cannot be great every match 😁

Jonathan Leader peg 26 3720

Kent Persson - peg 27 10020 - section winner , great angling 

Leif Persson - peg 28 6620

Niklas Strenguland - peg 29 9560

DAY 2 

View of sections out towards the harbour area 

My section , the 50's 

This section had a low weight winner on Day 1 , i think of about 1.5 kilos so could it happen again or are the fish there ?  I pre-baited with 10 small balls of just black gb /leam and a few pinkies . I then dropped one pot of chopped worm in the middle of the feed. Everyone else also pre balled their laced joker balls. 

Immediately Jesper got into a bream and others did also , they are here !!! I then had a fish , good size about a kilo followed by another of similar size. Tommy Strengulsund also had a couple then it slowed down for most except for Niklas and Jesper near the bridge who continued to take a steady amount of Bream .

With three in my net my target was to get at least 3rd place however my bites became rare and i could not compete with the red balls of joker being  placed by the rest of the field . I had one more fish on , the largest of the day , foul hooked . I slipped it in the net and just as i started to move it towards me the thing took of and pulled the hook , lost fish . I took a  Perch and lost another Bream - match over for me as the joker Boys were 'creaming it' . With an hour to go and a long journey to South Stockholm (Sodertalje) i packed and by end of the match my gear was loaded in a crowded , packed car. I emptied my net of 4 fish (approx. 4 kilos ) I said my goodbyes to the guys and went to the station to get Carola with suitcase . 

Bitterly disappointed as i honestly knew i could compete but i was let down.

I look forward to next years match and i will not be short of bait !!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

2021 - September 25/26th - SM at Lidköping

   Qualification to the WORLD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP is what the 11 Teams for this weekends SM competition are looking to win . It is only one team that will go through and Belgium next year is the destination.

   My team , TROSA SFK will participate and the team is made up of Jimmy Kungsman , Johan Kindlundh and Matts Larsson with myself . We had two meetings online prior to the weekend to sort out Bait , accomadation , tactics etc ..... My journey started on the Friday and 3.5 hours later i was at the town of the venue. 

Constellation SM winners - Belgium bound 

Håkan trying to put his fingers up Marcus nostrils  😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

On arrival i decided to view my allocated section D and it did look rather ugly brown river water .

The Top step is where we are to fish from as any resemblance of bottom step was not wide and safe enough for any angler plus you would have pole issues . Some pegs did not have the benefit of a smooth faced peg with large concrete blocks in the water hindering a good drop on the keep net , but we will manage .

Eventually we met up at the KAMPOCAMPING site a kilometre from the venue and it was suggested based on Jimmy's recommendations to eat at the 'BEST OF INDIA' restaurant as he had tasted the delights of the eating house earlier in the year.


Saturday morning came fast and we met at the major car park supporting A and B sections . 


Peg 4 for me and on arrival i could see a keep net gap however the net could not avoid a bottom step so i was hopeful that any fish caught i could guide safely down the net with minimal discomfort to the fish. 
My Ground bait mix was ;

My rigs for the day are ;

SENSAS 4.5 and 6.0m whips using EXNER FRIDA 0.75gr and 1.5gr 

I started by placing 10 balls laced with 0.25 ltr Joker / Dead maggot / Chop worm . Match started and for at least 30 minutes the pole and feeder were used by the whole match length and nothing was caught so many were on short whips chasing the Bleak . It was about half way in the match that on peg 7 Fredrik Blom had a Bream .Then the match changes as almost everyone went out on the pole to try for them and it was not long before i had my first Bream on Peg 4 quickly followed by another. I decided to feed mini-balls of chop every 15 minutes and another three Bream came but also Fredrik had three and by the end of the match i think i knew he had beaten me as he had two slightly larger fish than me . 

PEG 1 - Thomas Soderlund - Constellation 1485 

Peg 2 - Jan Svensson - BSMK 1580


Peg 3 - Charles 'Kung' Fasth - Lidköping 5430 (all on the whip)

Magnificent angler and a gentleman and what a whip fisherman he is , he is a 'machine' ! 

Peg 4 - Phil Ackerley - Trosa  5430 

Peg 5 - Jan Backe - Hoglandsfiske 1665

Peg 7 - Fredrik Blom - Tibro 6130 

Great catch from the D section winner 

Peg 8 - Erling Paulson - FK Topp 830

Peg 9 - Jorgen Storm - FK Match 2020 

Peg 10 - Shaun Keavey - Splash 1480

Peg 11 - Stefan 'Bag Miester' Holst - SWEA - 4260

After the first day Lidköping had an incredible score of just 13 points with SWEA on 15 points and Tibro with 17 points . Constellation were holding 4th with 21points and SPLASH were back in 7th place with 27 points . Can Constellation and SPLASH  pull it back ????? 
Look at Andreas Sandberg for SPLASH , last in section ! , it must have been bad fishing where he was , what will he do on Sunday ??? 


The all in was declared after the initial feed time of ten minutes . I decided to pot in 7 balls of gb/leam/chop worm/caster and no Joker as i thought from previous day the bream wanted the larger bait - how wrong i was ! 
After 15 minutes i had two Bream in the net before anybody else , my tactic working , so i thought ? However over the next hour Shaun to my left and Thomas to my right started to take regular Bream . I struggled after as obviously the fish were drugged on the Joker , i was angry with myself as making a bold statement that Joker was not needed .........dohhhhhh ! 

First Bream after 10 minutes on Peg 7 - I AM SURELY GOING TO GET A NET FULL ?

Peg 6 - Thomas Soderland - Constellation 15420 - Brilliant display of class worm/joker fishing . Pleased for him having had a poor Saturday .

Peg 8 - Shaun - Splash 13320 - Another great display of joker fishing and unlucky not to win the section as lost a large Bream at the net and also another later. Pleased for him after a poor Saturday .


Well done to the two Juniors who fished - just a pity so few , let us all work together to get more for next year ?

The final score 

Massive well done to Constellation to get 29 points , just 8 points on the Sunday , what great fishing! 
Splash unlucky and came good with 7 points on Sunday to finish on 32 points .

Well done Constellation - You are going Belgium !! 

Congratulations to Andreas Sandberg of SPLASH 
Saturday last in section and he looked sick as a parrot when completing the live draw on Facebook Saturday evening . What a difference a day makes as Sunday he wins the section with the highest weight of the whole weekend with 18600

Massive well done and richly deserved accolades to Andreas organisation skills as he made a great weekends competition run superbly .

Also a great organised competition deserves great fishing tackle companies to support this great event.

BIG THANKS to Metmask and Metbutiken for their prizes and not forgetting all that quality bait