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7/8 May - Nyköping Feeder match

The BIG ONE ........another great match organised by the Metmask Match team of Jamie Russ Mikael and myself . In preparation to this match i went to the match venue on the Friday evening to clear out a few pegs to the best of my ability. The rest of the MMM-TEAM arrived and perambulated the match length for pegging purposes organised by Jamie and angling advisers on the bank which is really good as we want all competitors to get involved in choice. 

A view on Day 1


Saturday morning on first day of the competition and we were greeted with light rain .

Getting trolley loaded 

Jamie , Esa and Russ arrived 

Bait supplied by METMASK as usual the highest quality 

The other competitors soon arrived 

MKQ loaded with MATRIX attachments 

Master of ceremonies Jamie Chelski 

The draw was made and the 19 drew for the ABC sections.

I drew B7 and found to my dismay it was a peg i cleared on the Friday evening and i know it was deep as i  remember Jamie fishing it on Day 2 last year when the water rose quite dramatically and the water was then above his waist . 

I entered the water and set up the platform which ended up being 15cm below the surface . I mounted the box however every time i tried to get on top the platform sank further so i was left with the option of standing and leaning on the box.

The 5 hour match started at 10:30am and there was no pre-feed period , just start and fish . In the first 15 minutes Mats Larsson to my left took 4 quick fish and then the rest of the field started to catch . After about 25 minutes i caught my first fish an Ide ! and this species became the most caught fish on the first day . 

I had two lines at 32 turns and one at 18 turns and the first hour the 32 turns only yielded 5 fish so i tried the shorter line and to my surprise it was more productive . I fed more chopped worm as the dead maggot was only encouraging too many small fish bites . As the chop worm increased more Ide moved in with their violent bites and i ended up with 28 of them in the 200-400 gr class . I also had better Bream stamp and took several plus two Bar of Gold Rudd about 300-400 gr size .

As the match neared the end my feet were starting lock up by the continual standing and treading water as i started to sink further then the Baltic rose about 10 cms in the last hour and my top jacket started to get wet ............not the best situation and uncomfortable and i lost concentration in the last 30 minutes .

One weird thing happened ........i hooked a decent fish for a few seconds and it shook the hook and i started to reel in then something grabbed it and the fight was weird but eventually i brought it to the surface and it was an Eel !!! .........i landed the big snake after a hefty scrap however to my disappointment i had to release it as they dont count , shame as it was at least 1.5 kilo .

Match over and the weigh in time !

A1 - Laurus 13950

A2 - Håkan 18850

A3 - Marcus 26425

A4 - Tadas 11325

A5 - Marcus 35800

A6 - 1970'S Porn star .........Bendover 👍👍👍👍👍 (Russ) ......    21525

B1 - Evertonian supporter Vince 22575

B2 - Almantas 26375

B3 - Jesper 27825

B4 - Kurt 15550

B5 - Holst - miester ' 18775 (also has platform problems )

B6 - Mats 26750 

B7 - Phil with 16575 

C1 - Jamie 23325

C2 - Mikael 23700

C3 - Shaun 32975

C4 - Patrik 11075

C5 - Esa 21800

C6 - Jonas 7650

So day 1 was completed and there was 402125 kilos caught at an average of 21.160 per angle

DAY 2 

Day 2 arrived with the promise of sunny weather and no rain , how will it fish ?

I decided to drop out the match as another day standing in water was potentially there as i knew several pegs would not suit me plus my back was hurting so i needed to rest it . I then fished out the match on the days previous worst peg result , C6 . Kurt also dropped out and did not fish the Sunday and went home with a bad shoulder .

Before the start Stefan Johansson arrived to view the match and talk with Russ

The match started and for me it was just fish for fun as i dropped out the competition. It was very calm water and hardly any good wind so the day was placid water with many small fish hitting the bait. Later i had a few decent bream but at 14:00 pm with 1.5 hours to go i decided to get packed away with my kit to the car and get ready for the weigh in . 

With 15 minutes left of the competition i decided to photograph the match length ......................

Got to A2 and Jamie was also putting his gear away after having a horrendous day of breakages and problems - who would be a organiser !?

Weigh in time 

A1- Mikael 27450

A2 - Jamie DNW

A3 - Mats 33025


A4 - Vince 29500

A5 - Stefan 29050

 A6 - Jonas 21000

B1 - Marcus 35395

B2 - Esa 26600

B3 - Jesper 23950

B4 - Tadas 15600

B6 - Shaun 25025

B5 -Marcus 31050

C1 - Laurus 23600

C2 - Håkan 19575

C3 - Patrik 18325

C4 - Alamantas 30725

C5 - Russ 8450 

Statistics :

Day 1 Total weight of 402,125 from 19 anglers at average of 21,160.
Day 2 Total weight of 39,320 from 17 anglers at average of 23,430

2 day Total fish of 800,445 from 36 anglers at average of 22,235 Kilos (49lb) per angler.

That is 1764lb  which is 126 stone which is 0.8 Ton !!!

Staggering fishing !


The lads at the MMM hope everyone has enjoyed the weekends competition and hope you return next year ? We hope to expand the match length to get more pegs in so we shall look at the car park pegs as well as the existing match length pegs . We are sorry for the delay in the announcement of the competition being a little late .  

Next year if it is at all possible would any of you like to help us cut out the weed better in each position ? We can supply all the cutting tools but if we can get good pegs .............. for example like Laurus made on Day 2 :

That means we dont have to wade out so far thus allowing anglers who do not own a platform to enter the competition and sit rather comfortably , what are your thoughts , please ?

Also , in the last decade there has been further matches on this venue where the use of pole and float rod - anybody interested in a match in the June/ August period ?

Also , in Autumn , myself and Mats Larsson are organising a feeder match on the piren. The one concern all anglers had about this was crossing over the hump bridge at the start of the piren - well this has been renewed and the footing has been covered with wire so no slipping is possible plus there are always help on hand to get the trolley over however since it is only a feeder match then you should travel light .

Any questions please contact us on the FACEBOOK PAGE of ;



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Brilliant write up Boss and great fishing.
I'm jealous.😎😎
Well done all.

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Clive Lloyd.

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Great report Phil. Wish it was nearer. As you match fishing here now.