Monday, 16 May 2022

14th/15th May Soderhamn Bagging weekend (for some !)

Soderhamn a name synonymous with 'Bagging' ! as over the years the reputation of this venue has grown and numbers attending have increased and this is down to the skills and organising of Mattias Larsson. There are three matches run every year and for me the best is in Sept/October time but the spring match can also be very good. 

The draw was made live on the friday evening and Mattias blessed me with peg 49 which is a section i fished last year in October (without weighing as my fish were not enough to trouble the winners)  . So with that challenge i set up on the Saturday morning in a mini-section of 7 . 

Anyway , 4 hours later the suffering was over as incredibly finished last in section . I failed due to persisting for bigger fish that never came except for a sizeable lump which i foul hooked but it shrugged the hook ....... a good 1-1.5 kilo fish which would have doubled my weight . However i took 4 skimmer and a Vimmer in last 30 minutes so it saved a DNW !


Our section winner was Magnus with 4.460 kilos on the famous bridge peg 


Well done to Metmask MD Russ to take A section with 8100 

Best weight of the day was Thomas Soderlund with 36,820 ............ALL ROACH on 4-5m whip and were caught in a 2.5 hour spell of a 4 hour match ...........STAGGERING ! 


So this time i was the next section on peg 46 , an end peg .......woooooo ! . Can it get any worse or am i destined for a weight ? 

In brief , only two people caught in the section and i got a DNW . 

Anssi , section winner with 940 grams - two Vimmer and a Perch 

Thomas Soderland then repeated his previous days heroics by getting best weight on Sunday with 15,300 , so winning both days he was announced the champion , awesome fishing from a great bloke .

Massive thanks to Mattias Larsson who never fails to impress with great organisation skills

Well done to VESTLI tackle for supplying some of the anglers and very well done to METMASK Bait and Tackle for supplying the best quality Bait .

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