Sunday, 5 September 2021

2021 - Trosa 5th September - fishing and avoiding idiot anglers on the bank

Trosa is the venue for a 5 hour session so because i think the town is still quite busy i decided to get there early before the tourists and was on the bank at 07:00am . Set up by 07:45am and ready however it was so dam cold and i thought had i enough warm clothes as the temperature drop was quite a shock .

Trosa - what a town and great fishing arena (picture from a May trip earlier this year )


By about 09:00am the sun was out in full glory after the weather prognosis predicted totally cloudy day - please they got that wrong as the sun was perfect to get the morning chills away 


About 11:00 am an angler stood close to my right and was casting a spinner whistling very close to me and i turned around to face him and raised my finger implying dont do that again !! Next thing he has only moved to the left of my top kits and cast literally in front of me - i immediately rebuked this idiot and gave him a warning . His mate then started to become an idiot by asking what they hell i am on about ? I then picked up my Trosa licence and pretended to call a number after i informed them i shall have a bailiff down here . I also said ' have you read the rules in the licence ? - they were gone in 5 minutes , i guess they had no paperwork ? They did not like me taking photos but i just said i could see a bird in the sky i was photographing and they got in the way !!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Unusual day really as maggot was a waste of time with Bleak taking anything that hit the surface . So corn was best and i still caught the odd Bleak on corn and some other fish between a dace and a roach ? a weird looking fish but not a bleak ? Most fish caught was Perch on the corn , with 3 Ide , about 7-8 roach , 5-6 Bjorkna  - with the crowds getting larger and the sun fully out the bites started to diminish by about 12:30 , time to call it a day .

Estimate about 8-9 kilos 

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