Monday, 3 May 2021


After a nice day in the canal at Sodertalje i decided to take advantage of some reasonable weather and get early to Trosa for hopefully a good session . However the wind was still cold as well as the water temperature so i had doubt if it would perform to expectations . This kind of venue suits me as my health in my back legs and knees has worried me as i am unable to take the physicality of matches where i place my body under stress so for now i take the car to the peg options .

I managed to find a decent position next to the moored boats where normally i would fish from but i decided to give them distance as they might start to move during the day . 

I started by administering three small balls of gb to get the peg going however after 20 minutes fishing and bite less i then knew it would not be easy . After an hour i has small Perch and a Dace like fish when at the end of the peg i struck and a Bream of about 2lb came to the net followed by another a little smaller however it stopped there and 30 minutes i was bite less so i decided to change position . 

I moved to the 'boards' opposite the Bohmans hotel and swapped my whips for the pole and immediately struck into fish .


View downstream 

View Upstream

Days mix , quite sticky with minimal offerings however i can add to the mix with extra offerings depending on the enthusiasm of the fish feeding .

METMASK maggots still fresh from a week ago , simply excellent bait from some one who know how to keep it properly. 

The day was a great success in the end as i placed 45-50 Bream / skimmer / few Bjorkna / two large Roach and one nice Ide about 1-8 into the net . I had fished some 7 hours and wasted two hours in the first peg so it was truly a bonus to get stuck into some great bagging ........ i struggled to lift the net out and my keep net rims are bent out of shape a little but i estimate i had 65 to 75 lb (in old money)
I managed also to get the right balance in my elastic and hook size as i used MATRIX 4-6 a very soft forgiving laggy and used a SENSAS 3405 size 16 to 14 . I must have pulled out of at least 10 fish as i foul hooked a few .
I hope to get back there soon however the water will get very busy as the boats start to be launched back into the water .

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