Sunday, 12 March 2023

2023 - March 12th , Arboga on a scouting mission

 Saturday night 3 of the Metmask team stopped at Lord Jamie Cooley castle in Kopingshire . We were entertained with a fine selection of beers and wines plus a great steak meal ..........I forgave him for beating us 1-3 (on tv)  (Leicester 1 Chelsea 3)

Criminals! .......... be careful of these characters people - They are Metmask Mafia .

This picture is on a visit to a small river full of dog roach and good chub , Jamie's secretive water ???

Back to Arboga and we have a plan !?

If the flow is not too strong then we could place 6-8 pegs above where we normally fish ?

Lord Cooley of Kopingshire directing the pegging placement 

Beware of these dodgy looking characters ............ Mafia

Arboga 'Massive' 

Sat down , talked about getting the pegs sorted in readiness for the Arboga spectacular .

Jamie will give you more information about the amount of pegs we can fit in and if all goes well we can get 32 in without using the very bottom street like last year . All bodes well , watch this space .

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