Monday, 2 January 2023

2023 - Trosa 1st January - First day of the fishing season

After a previous days visit to Trosa to view the new 'Trout/Otter' project i decided to arrive on New Years Day for the traditional start of the Fishing season. The recent change in ending all possibility of fishing after September 14th till December 31st was for me all about the 'TROUT' , yes that fish species so regarded as more important than any other fish in the river . However that closed part of the season has its advantages as the scum-anglers are not around to take everything that swims . 

My visit coincides with a previous visit some 2 years ago on the 4th January when myself and Jimmy Kungsman fished and we are rewarded with some great weights of Bream , skimmer , Bjorkna and Roach. Its hoped that repeats itself however viewing the coloured brown water presumably from melting snow i dont hold out much luck but i will give it a go .

I set up on opposite side to the Bohmans hotel . Easy kit out of the car and nice and flat to sit on ......all i need now is fish !

You can see there is some strengthening work to the bank going on on far side 

Ice to my left and an area that is normally more preferral to fish from 

Small feeder out at 2/3 across - fingers crossed ?

Top 7 pole out after two cupped balls of leam/dead joker 

So after three hours i decided to go home as clearly there was no fish in the system and all other anglers were also failing to catch . I shall try over the coming weekends , weather allowing . 

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