Sunday, 19 June 2022

18TH June - Hjalmere canal

The Team met at Hotel Jamie - top host and Chairman of the Koping Chelsea supporters group . It was our chance to talk about everything surrounding the business and also discuss future plans with fishing matches. We also drank some beer and wine but it was in abstemious amounts with our Chinese meal .

Another master class from Marcus 

Next morning we met at the venue with the rest of the guys 

Draw time !!

Peg 11 was mine and end peg ! .........Knowing how well it fished the other week on practice i was going for it so 15 balls were prepared with 50-50 gb/leam, after i would place a few concentrated feed balls .....bring on the bream , so i thought !? - how wrong could i be ?

Great maggots from Russ as usual plus his worms are just the best and the casters have to be the best in Sweden by far .

Bombardment of the 15 was the initial feed and the rest was for top ups , if required 

What a match length , with work and management this could be a massive fixture for local clubs 

Well ! .........what can i say , the match started really slow and it took me 15 minutes to get a bite ! Eventually i secured some fish in the first hour , maybe a dozen see-through skimmers , roach and Perch . I took a walk for the 2nd hour as i could only hear Marcus on peg 10 catching , mostly on feeder plus he secured a bonus Tench , later he had a 2nd unit . Walked down to Jamie on peg 8 who was catching steady and admitted to 22 fish at that stage . 
I returned full of enthusiasm to get my tactics sorted so i dropped a few rigs on whip and pole and went for holding back on a heavy float as the fish appeared to want it dead still . It is  canal but it can move and today was no exception as it had a decent flow on it . However it was not until the sun came out about 13:45 as i remember looking at the mobile for the time that then things happened . The flow stopped , bright sunshine occurred and i started to pot in loads of chopped worm . The effect was instantaneous as i had fish there in quantity , be it small ones. with one and half hours to go i struck into a lump thinking it was a Bream of size however it started to dive quickly so it was a tench . Unfortunately for me after playing it for a minute and retracting my pole backwards and dropping 2 sections i went for the landing process only to get fooled and the Tench went into the Lily pads , snagged and the hook came loose . Dam ! , i thought that was my bonus lost for the day . Next door Marcus secured another Tench so there was hope i might still connect .
I really filled it in with worm every 15 minutes and i was rewarded with two quick Tench and some decent Rudd and skimmer . I landed a third but ran out of time but was please that i probably put at least 7 kilos in the net in the last 1.5 hours . So match over i reflected on a bad day as we all thought there would be some 30 kilos plus weights however there was three double figure weights on the day so not too bad .

The place is an aquarium of fish species so if the Bream dont feed then you have Tench , Rudd , Roach , Perch , skimmer, Bjorkna as back up .

Winner Marcus Enstrom 

Great net by Thomas

Nice net for Janne , great report he wrote and thanks for the use of the photos 

In third place was Russ (Formerly known as Ben Dover )

Janne , thanks to use these two pictures on the weigh in 

Alright my Luuuuvvvvs , the scores on the doors ......

Actually quite a peggy day as i witnessed doing nothing for 3.5 hours until the fish turned up , for others the fish did not turn up . 

Hope to get another match on there , possibly post summer holiday , watch this space .

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