Tuesday, 16 November 2021

2021 - Nykoping Piren 'Mini-Kardull' November 13th

So the brave six set out to walk the piren and hope for the fish to be there as years gone by there has been some great results however there has been disappointments.

We all were dreaming of this end result ..........did our dreams come true ?

My peg 6 - End peg , closest to the parked cars 😃

To my left - that long , long piren 

To my right from where i came 

Setting up and soon ready - expectations are high 


Hook lengths at the ready if i need to scale down and change hook lengths 

Bait selection - what fish could resist ?

2 rods on the waggler and a feeder rod 

EXNER Micro match and EXNER Carbofram

The match organiser and top bloke , Mats Larsson 

What a view - must catch !

Hardly a breeze but just look at the view 

End of match and 6 x DNW - gutted !

Maybe next time try fishing this section ?

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