Monday, 7 June 2021

6th June - Arboga River for a 12 peg match with great friends

It was great to see familiar and new faces to this small gathering of 12 Piscatorial's of the match world. Another match organised by Jamie and the Arboga river was the venue  of choice which is superb as it means car to your peg and welcoming free parking (I wish Sodertalje would be as generous ) 

What a superb venue 

The match was 5 hours which included any amount of bait you wanted to put in at the beginning and during . The match started quite slowly and it wasn't till after 20 minutes i caught a bjorkna but after that i was completely bemused by everyone catching around me so i decided to follow what they were doing and that was to fish the feeder . I had plenty of bites but more from small fish ripping the worm of my hook . In the end i fished a window feeder with chopped worm and corn but still i could not get into the fish as all around everyone caught well . I lost two very sizeable fish , one on the feeder that got stuck on a snag/weed and lost another weighty fish on the pole that also found a snag , thats sums up my day . My head was spinning and it didn't matter what i did i could not put a string of fish together , match over and another disaster for me and i have to rethink what i am doing wrong as i have only had a 3rd in section as best result in 7 matches so time to get back to the basics me thinks . I used to win matches and sections here but since returning i cannot put a result together .................must try a lot harder 

Peg 4 

To my left

To my Right 

The days winners 

Ever present Jesper with a fine catch including a Chub for 15250 and section winner of peg 10

Now its getting larger !

Janne on peg 9 with 2nd place 17500

Thomas put us all to the sword with a cracking weight of 20450 from peg 8

Jamie with 11000 from peg 6 in section A

First Tench i have seen caught in all the years i fished this venue - Great catch from Marcus on peg 3 with 12800

Patrick always in the fish and peg 2 gave up 8700 

Russ with a continuation of form for 4th place on the day and section A winner with 14775


Watch out for a Brand new open match series to be run next year where its possible we could run up to 15 Open matches ?
The rules for it are yet to be compiled but we expect to have a system where you can qualify for a GRAND FINAL if you are in the TOP-?? . Because we have so many other matches in Sweden at the same time we will discuss a way of allowing so many results count towards a qualification to the final as we recognise commitments towards your club/team fishing . 
On the same basis as this year we can deliver fresh bait and products to every venue we fish at . It will also allow anglers outside the competition to turn up and pick up orders if they wish , if we are in their area .
Rules , dates , venues are yet to be devised but we shall keep you informed through all the Piscatorial News channels .

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