Sunday, 3 January 2021

2021 - January 3rd - At Trosa with Jimmy Kungsman

First time i have fished in Sweden since 2018 and with an average weather spell just lately it was realised by fellow team mate Jimmy Kungsman of the TROSA SFK that a possibility to fish was going to happen.
Jimmy picked me up from my house and i travelled lighter than normal as to minimise the volume in his VOLVO estate car.

35 minutes later we arrived and started to get ready . Will we catch ?

Car to your peg so no trolley required.

Looking up the narrow canal to my left a few fish started to rise - expectancy went up !

Fished till midday and the first 2 hours were very productive even though the bites were timid so fine tackle was still the way to fish. 

We used quite a lot of regular feed ground bait with dead pinkies and maggots . Both of us caught Bjorkna and skimmer with a few roach .

During that period there was a huge predation in the water as very large fish swirled in groups along the bank chasing smaller fish . Not sure what they were , Zander , Ide , Pike ....... we had no idea but what a spectacle it was watching giant swirls in the water simultaneously in several areas .

View across the canal from Jimmys peg - Beautiful town is Trosa

Just playing fish of the day then !

A bit miffed losing that Bream and 6 more during the day - Jimmy also lost about 10 .

End of the day and ended up with approx. 7 kilos 

Jimmy stormed it in the end with  a good 13-14 kilos 

 The Bagging Master really put me to the sword.

My tackle on the day was 

Rig 1 - MAS-JO2 0.6 float to SENSAS 6110 18
Rig 2 - MAS-SM2 0.4 float to SENSAS 3405 20 

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