Sunday, 1 November 2020

2020 - Moved back to Sweden for Work but still selling MAS .

 Moved back to the land ABBA as work was not available due to Brexit talk and now the Pandemic , it truly is a sad period for the UK but i must look after myself and family . I must say that Englands standards have hit a low with so much injustice for when renting houses . Its clear the law has never protected renters as Letting agents do not care what Landlord they use as long as they get their £££££ !

Glad to leave the last house totally unfit for an expensive price of £995.00 / month , Landlords were awful as no smoke detectors were fitted and the whole house was substandard with so many problems . Left that period behind us but just hope the Ombudsman can take the moral ground and act on the Landlords and Letting agent .

Anyway after that depressing period we finally received our furniture and possessions and these were placed a house of impeccable standard which absolutely shame the Landlord/Letting agent in the UK. In Sweden the law protects Renters much better as laws are in place - Listen up UK, you might learn something !!

             Before leaving Uk i placed all my Midlands Angling Supplies stock with great friend and owner of Bennetts Bait and Tackle , Stu Timson .We continue to work together for some future interesting projects ??

Left my partners in crime

All MAS products on display in the emporium.

So , my return will see us stabilise in our earnings and also have a decent period in our lives as we certainly deserve it . I really hope friends and family can have the best possible during these uncertain times and England can climb above adversity with the EU and once again be a leader in industry instead of a poor slave to the EU .

Looking forward to fishing with my angling friends - keep you posted with reports .

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